Finance Department

Welcome to Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church Department of Finance


The Finance Department oversees the finances and stewardship of Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church in accordance with the mission of the church, supports the senior pastor, his teams, our musicians and the vision of the church at large financially, achieves and maintains the financial well-being of the church, prepares an annual church budget that is aligned with the mission of the church, reviews all receipts and expenditures monthly to assure compliance with the budget, secures budget requests from the Ministerial Staff and church committees and teams in order to prepare a church budget, reviews requests for budget revisions and requests for expenditures not in the current budget, establishes and monitors funding strategies and plans, and stewards the financial resources of the church in accordance with scripture.


Finance Department Staff:

        • Louis Placide (frère Fito), Treasurer
        • Raoul Desorme, Accountant
        • Marie Carmelle Pierre (soeur Luc), Check Signer
        • Richemond Alteme, Check Signer
        • Martine Beabrun, Finance Strategist and Service Online
        • Anne N. Brea, Counting Team
        • Christiana C. Jean-Simon, Counting Team


The Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church financial year starts on December 31st and ends on December 30th every year. With an average Sunday morning service attendance of 100 members in 2019, and an annual budget of $100,000.00, the church relies on revenues collected mostly from our local members (97%) and from donations and contributions from our church friends & members by extension (2%) and other sources (1%). Our annual revenues and expenses breakdown is as follows in terms of income percentage

Members Tithing (MTI)0%
Sunday School Classes (SSCI)0%
New Year envelops (NYEI)0%
Offerings (OI)0%
Relief Funds contribution (RFCI)0%
Members by extension offerings (MEOI)0%
Other sources (OSI)0%
The Lord’s vineyard servants (LVSE)0%
Maintenance & repairs (MRE)0%
Utilities, office & legal exp. (UOLE)0%
Evangelism, education & recreation (EERE)0%
Missions & local ministries (MLME)0%
Equipment, sound & video system (ESVE)0%
Miscellaneous expenses (MEE)0%


Members Tithing (MTI)

At Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church, not all those members pay tithe or have the ability to do so. In addition, it is worthwhile informing all that we absolutely do not coerce our members to tithe nor do we impose them a percentage of their income to tithe to the church. We encourage them to contribute willingly and heartedly for the well-functioning of the church house, as suggested by Apostle Paul in 2 Cor 9:7 “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”. With that said, we are persuaded that all authentic Christians.

New Year envelops (NYEI)

Two weeks to a month before the New Year, new year envelops are passed to everyone in church, and members are free to require a few envelops for friends and co-workers. In these envelops the church members put what represents their generosity offerings to the Lord for His mercy to them during the calendar year. Those envelops are put in the offerings plate during the New Year service of December 31st from 9:30 pm to midnight.

Other sources (OSI)

Sometimes we’re short of money to meet our budget, church members diligently organize yard sales, prepare hot meals for church members to buy after service. People we don’t even know in person often fee God asking them to send us their contributions. That’s why we’re so proud to say that our Lord has always made a way for the church to meet its annual budget for the last five years. All praise and honor to him!

Members by extension offerings (MEOI)

Most members who move to other states and localities still keep in touch with the church, and continue to send us their contribution and donations. We pray our Lord to keep pouring his blessings on them all and their loved ones.

Relief Funds contribution (RFCI)

Relief funds contribution is used to help people in needs, undertake missionary work and provide food to homeless twice a year.

Offerings (OI)

Regular offerings are collected during our services held on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and weekday services.

Sunday school classes (SSCI)

People at the church, from toddler to adults, are expected and encouraged to belong to one of the seven (7) Sunday school classes that operate every Sunday from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. Sunday school teachers designate a class member to collect the Sunday school class offerings. Classes that collect more money are recognized at Sunday school report before Sunday school is dismissed. At the end of Sunday school year, trophies are distributed to classes with more attendance, more visitors, more money for the Sunday school year, and more money collected as well the Sunday when Sunday school year closes and is celebrated.

Church members, members by extension, friends, brothers & sisters at large

If unable to make your contribution ONLINE through our website or interbank transactions through ZELLE, please feel free to reach our secretary Martine Beaubrun ([email protected]) for further info, or write us at:


Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church
6500 N. Miami Ave., Miami FL 33150


The Lord’s vineyard servants (LVSE)

The vineyard servant are the pastors working untiringly, our musicians and the staff who devote their hearts and souls for our church to walk in Jesus footsteps. All those people either receive lower than minimum wage, and some nothing at all, but they all do their work with joy and love in Lord’s vineyard.

Maintenance & repairs (MRE)

Renovating our church from March to December 2019, making all necessary repairs from repairing leaks in the roof to painting is done religiously under the guidance and active work of our senior pastor Fils Darius. We spend our money mostly on materials; therefore, way less than we should, given that most labor is done for free by pastor Fils and other members together.

Utilities, office & legal exp. (UOLE)

The monthly utilities bill is pretty high, regrouping city water, electricity, internet, telephone, alarm & camera system, fumigating, cleaning…etc. We aim at having LED lights all over. We ask for your prayer in that sense.

Evangelism, education & recreation (EERE)

With money budgeted for EERE, we buy educational materials needed for Sunday school and other departments. Also, pastor Fils has the opportunity to take the youth, the ladies and others, one group at a time, out to a restaurant to have dinner together and spend time discussing issues facing the church.

Missions & local ministries (MLME)

Once a year, the church covers most of the fee and cost for a member to go to Haiti for a few days to evangelize and feed a group of people in a particular area carefully chosen.

Equipment, sound & video system (ESVE)

The church now has a brand new sound system, and a stage spacious enough for the worship team, and different groups to praise the Lord Jesus-Christ. Movie size projector screen for lyrics projection and video. Lift the church in prayer as we need to have top-of-the-line cameras for our Sunday morning service to be live on our website and YouTube to be more visible and reach more people for the Lord.

Miscellaneous expenses (MEE)

We are Lord’s stewards, so we do not spend for the sake of spending. However, when we face unforeseen challenges, we manage to make ends meet by budget-cutting funds in some areas.