Altidor Auditorium

The auditorium has been renovated and is named ALTIDOR AUDITORIUM. Pastor Benito Altidor, upon he arrived in Miami from the Bahamas, started the church in a single-room broken house less than a block away from the church’s actual location and named it First Haitian Free Methodist Church. To honor that great and selfless church planter, Benito Altidor, who devoted his life, and consecrated even his very penny in church planting all his life long, the actual senior pastor, Fils Darius, has chosen to name the auditorium Altidor Auditorium after Benito Altidor whom we, the Haitian Free Methodist churches, owe so much to, not only for having started with our church Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church, but also for having planted the Homestead Haitian Free Methodist Church, the Fort Lauderdale Haitian Free Methodist Church, the Immokalee 1st Haitian Free Methodist Church, and the Naples 1st Haitian Free Methodist Church….We cannot talk for the other churches, of course, but our leaders, at Miami First Haitian Free Methodist Church who knew Benito Altidor, pastor Fils and pastor Fontus, in particular, cannot help but rejoicing at the decision to name our renovated auditorium after late pastor Benito Altidor. Together, we all agree that symbolic name giving is the least we can do to honor the forty-years of unparalleled work of our pioneer late pastor Benito Altidor. May the Lord rest his soul!

To You All:

Altidor Auditorium, annex the Church, is there to serve the whole community. If you’re looking for a place to hold your wedding ceremony, your wedding reception, your favorite anniversary, or a special event, please contact the auditorium manager sister Anne N. Brea at 786-512-9904.