Conversion & Baptism

At Miami FHFM Church, we believe in conversion based on the biblical sense of the word, and as conveyed by the Free Methodist Denomination at large. To us, conversion takes place when a person repents of his/her sins and trusts in Jesus-Christ for salvation. With that definition, it is presupposed that someone who converts will understand his/her sinful and needful condition before responding to the good news of the Gospel. Upon converting, the new born receives God’s provision for forgiveness through the compensating work of Christ on the cross. Indeed, in the moment a person repents of sin and believes in Jesus, he/she is united with Christ, has peace with God, and is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. (Luke 23:39-43; Act 3:19; Act 15:3; Rom 16:5; 1Cor 16:15)


At Miami FHFM Church, the new convert is expected to understand and fulfill the need to develop in biblical and gospel-based knowledge by attending Sunday school and Bible study, and should mature before able to hold any leadership role in the church. (1Tim 3:6)