Music & Worship Ministry

At Miami FHFM Church, groups, singers, service leaders, adult and youth worship teams, in general, share the same mission as the music ministry altogether.
Mission Statement: The Miami FHFMC music department’s mission is to enrich the services through adoration and praise, devotion in instrumental music and songs. The music department, with practice and constant rehearsals in order to play like David did, is the means through which souls reach out to the Lord in full worship and praise with scriptural-based songs voiced to the Lord in spirit and in truth. Assisting singers in our services in launching praise to Jesus-Christ through the Holy Spirit, and assisting the assembly of worshippers in making Jesus the center of their thoughts, the music department’s motive is to set an atmosphere preparing us the church to enter the presence of the Lord, and for the Holy Spirit to minister to us all as one, to break bondage, change hearts, and for those who are not yet born again to feel the need to accept Jesus as Savior and be saved in His Name.

The Music Ministry Department currently consists of:

      • Minister of Music/keyboardist, Sound Tech
      • Lead guitar player (1)
      • Bass guitar players (2)
      • Percussionist (1)
      • Main singer (1)
      • And several anointed vocalists

Please lift the church in your prayer so that God lead more devoted musicians on our path. With that said, if you’re a Christian musician or you know one who could want to join our team, you are welcome!

Are part of the diverse Praise Teams:

      • The Shepherd Voice of Praise Ensemble (The SVPE):
      • The Youth Praise Team (Salt-&-Light)
      • The Ushers Praise Team
      • The Women Praise Team
      • The Men Praise Team (to be established)
      • The Mass Choir (to be established), which will consist of members from the above-named teams.

While being diverse and different in styles, all Praise Teams at Miami FHFM Church share the unique and common goal of ushering the presence of God into our services. They share their love for God through music and provide a means for younger generations to excel their musical and vocal talents and display their love for praising the King….and the Lord of lords.

The media & sound:

Ossemer Valcin, media and sound Tech Leader
Jesse Fontus, IT support
Sabrina Fontus, Operator
Joel Michel Jr., Operator

Raoul Desorme, Lead singer

The musicians:

Ossemer Valcin

Noe Toussaint

Jacob Albert

Jesse Fontus

Scott Darius