Our Sunday Morning Service

In our Sunday morning services at Miami FHFM Church, adoration blended with worship to the Lord plays a major role. Saying that, as we sing not for the sake of it, the music team, the service leader along with the praise team look forward to being anointed by God in His presence at every service through music and singing. Under the leadership of the minister of music and the lead singer, we all soak our souls in worshipping the living God in truth and spirit.
Worshipping is not a routine or simple habit in the 10-15 minute long musical and vocal experience conducted at church on Sunday mornings. We refuse to get in a rut of repetitive patterns that become like mundane habits and before you know it, you’ve forgotten why you’re doing what you do.
At Miami FHFMC Sunday morning services, our goal is constantly in sight. Having the goal for worship in sight, we know we’re looking to glorify the Lord in the real sense of the term; therefore, we’re sure we can be more effective in our ministry of serving the Lord through music and singing. Our Sunday morning services may vary in forms depending on the occasion. However, keeping our main goal in sight, from the opening song to the worshipping moment and to the sermon of the day, worshipping our Lord, for who He is, is always the atmosphere that binds us all together with the objective at heart of leading the church into Trinity’s presence and drawing us all near the Lord